Stanitzel mit Schlag #3 w/ Tillary & Dether

You can see that the pandemic is leaving its mark. Both sets in this episode just scream for a night out and some sort of community feel. The first hour comes from SMS crew member Tillary. The mix is …

[21:58, 15.4.2021] Tillary Clinton: A rather clunky mixed interpretation of my preserved vision of a proper party set
[21:58, 15.4.2021] Tillary Clinton: Prepandemic preserved

Our guest for the second hour is Mannheim boy Dether. He was one of the acts at our last skirmish get together last summer and just blew us away with his wanky disco and house bangers. This mix is the perfect example of what it should sound like when you prepare for the night before/after Corona times. Enjoy!

Sendedatum: 16/04/2021 20:00 - 16/04/2021 22:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: Stanitzel mit Schlag

Tags: DJ-Set House morning light Dancing yellow have a shower