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Sendedatum: 17/01/2024 18:00 - 17/01/2024 19:00

Sprache: English German

Sendung: TREMMO.FM

Tags: Music New Wave Post Punk Electro experimental dark attentive red freeze

Taurus - Paket
Skitungen - inga dRömmaR kvaR
Giulio Erasmus - Phray
The Rorschach Garden - Is Hope An Energy (Houschyar Drum Edit)
Das Ding - Neutrino Fatigue
Tiffy L'Amour - Follow Me
Acid Freq. - Confidential Meeting
R Gamble - Species of Lack
Left Unknown - Mädchen (Sneaker Remix)
Schulverweis - Blut
Roberto Auser - Long Night
08/15 - 1000 gelbe Tennisbälle