elysium solidity ep6 ~ new year, same me w/ juniper1

florence/juniper1 joined us for this episode ~

new year, same me
a love letter to our selves and the new year
embrace the noise, withstand the dreariness
spring will come

Sendedatum: 17/01/2024 19:00 - 17/01/2024 21:00

Sendung: elysium solidity

Tags: DJ-Set Ambient Electronica / Downtempo Bass experimental cloudy upset black crawling

europa - (1) Year Of The Ox
chantssss - your next online healing
k2dj - new jeru
ex wiish - sever
sentinel - guardian
pontiac streator - red kings
beatrice - triste theme
daesiidae - starzfield
scorn - slumber
body sculptures - scorched earth
flaty - protokross
pseudo code - the crook of your heart
the drift institute - i used to be a stoner
christian coiffure - cave moss (jan loup natural anarchy remix)
low khey - casual rupture
al wooton - maenads
nerve - swallowtail
LOIF - psy-sexual
rolf laureijs - untitled
scorn - dreamspace
gargantuan grief - try not to drown again
modern collapse - vague
250666 - living room
igor dyachenko, dessin bizarre - thunderstorms
jonnnah - friendly tribute
jonquera - clotses
aeoi - easy to forget
massive attack - teardrop
mike midnight - every angel
jjjacob & bod [包家巷] - crescenta
serwed - glare
scim - ℓѕ fates
t0ni - trust goes both ways
karlfroye, kimberlaid, talita otović - somerest house
pontiac streator - in love
europa - plain fields
symbiose corps - l'amour toujours lent