Vomens Bar digitale: Iran Revolution – A queer feminist approach to unity

Triggerwarnung: Beschreibung von Gewalt, Queer- und Transfeindlichkeit, Rassismus.

The recent death of Jina Mahsa Amini, a young Kurdish woman, in Iran on September 16, 2022, sparked a wave of protests both within the country and abroad. Although the protests have a strong feminist and queer focus, these topics are barely given attention in public discourse. As a response, a small group of organizers from Berlin and Leipzig initiated a panel discussion on the topic “Iran Revolution – A Queer Feminist Approach to Unity.” Moderated by Yasemin Said, the panel features speakers from the diaspora who share their experiences, insights, and perspectives on the current situation. The panel also takes into account the revolution from the perspectives of trans* and non-binary individuals and contextualizes the need to achieve solidarity across communities. The speakers include Ozi Ozar, a queer professional theatre artist; Aylar, an intersectional queer feminist, LGBTQI+ rights activist, and photographer; and Arya, an LGBTQI+ rights activist and trans feminist, member of the #MeToo movement in Iran, and member of the Iran kink community.

Organisation: @boshrafard @zainsalamassaad

Moderation: @yazsaid

@ozi_ozar @aylar_rezaee @arya.yekta.nb

Anders als sonst wird die Vomens Bar digitale über die Sommermonate schon tagsüber um 15 Uhr ausgestrahlt. Der erste Freitag im Monat bleibt aber bestehen! Grund dafür sind die live Actions des Sphere Containers – also alle mal dort hinkommen!

Sendedatum: 05/05/2023 20:00 - 05/05/2023 21:00

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Sendung: Vomens Bar digitale

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