WAVES FROM Conoley Ospovat

It’s difficult to talk about sound. When we close our eyes and listen, there are no boundaries and as such, what we feel can often not be described with the words we know. Our feelings are unique & different.

There is no word or genre that unites the artists of the label. Putting a word on a style, in order to classify, takes part of the magic away. Instead, what unites us is our passion for sound, dancing with friends and growing together.

Continuing with this same philosophy, we present our show WAVES FROM and our 16th episode from Conoley Ospovat.

“Reality and time held hands and danced;
swirled, circled and hid behind each other’s
eyes and winked at me, and then shimmered and disappeared and
appeared again, laughing..
And I was squeezed through the heart of an hourglass.”

Hope you enjoy this journey through sound waves and wishing you much love,



Sendedatum: 24/08/2023 21:00 - 24/08/2023 22:00

Sprache: English


Tags: DJ-Set Ambient Disco / Boogie Leftfield House in the afternoon amused blue cooking

Tracklist: Queen (Flash Gordon Soundtrack) - In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)
Conoley Ospovat - Escape Velocity
Pier Bucci - morgen blips
Rhythim Is Rhythim - Kao-Tic-Harmony
Reagenz - Shibuya Day
LNTG - Don’t Wanna Let You Go
The Noodleman - Rusty Halo
Cosmic AC - Gold Side tk 2
Early Motions - Slow Jam
Cheise - Planet Three
Eversines - Inzit