Leipzig Contains…? #4 AWS x Hitness Club

Leipzig Contains…? is an experiment.

We want to find out what radio can contribute to public spaces.

The experiment starts with an office container provided by the Amt für Wohnungsbau und Stadterneuerung of the City of Leipzig.

We gradually transform the container into a public radio studio with a terrace and stage right in front.

The result is an interactive space in front of the neighborhood center Ostwache e.V. in Anger-Crottendorf.

Leipzig Contains…? #4 AWS x Hitness Club

For the last part of our Summer Program 2021, we cooperated with Hitness Club e.V. and Amt für Wohnungsbau und Stadterneuerung (AWS) of the City of Leipzig:

“How can culture in the east of Leipzig be decentralized? This question is posed by actors of the Leipzig cultural scene (Pögehaus, Ost-Passage Theater, Ostwache e.V. und IG-Fortuna – Kino der Jugend). After a presentation of the projects and associations, attendees are invited to discuss about existing offers and successful participation.

The evening’s musical input will be provided by Hitness-Club e.V., an independent television collective with a penchant for experimentation. The hitness gang invites Maike Hautz aka Messer. The second performance comes from Ariel My Friend, combining various genres – including electronic music, chiptune, psychedelic and progressive rock – into a mix that is as sophisticated as it is catchy. The performance is accompanied by visual experiments. The evening will be accompanied by DJ* Blue Sparkles playing her favorite music.”

The entire program could be experienced live on site and via Sphere Radio’s web stream.

Location: Gregor-Fuchs-Straße 45-47