4uurtje w/ Hanne r, eerie_ear & Flshmkr

A ‚vieruurtje‘ is what Flemish people call a snack one eats at 4 pm, usually something sweet. In folk wisdom it’s supposed to be healthy for kids, though its benefits seem to be forgotten by most adults.

4uurtje was a monthly get-together hosted in Rotterdam, a four-hour listening session with shared silence and snacks. Since social measures don’t allow us to get together again, 4uurtje goes online. The idea stays the same: with heartwarming treats we gather around the latest musical epiphanies.

This time Hanne r will bless us with a mix!

Present again, and hopefully lag-less, will be eerie_ear and FLSHMKR, whose live(ly) visuals may swallow you up without spitting you out. Glitched and coded, this is a true trip for the screen-bound isolator.

Tune in at any time from 5 pm and make your Sunday that extra bit more special.

Sendedatum: 24/05/2020 17:00 - 24/05/2020 20:00

Sendung: 4uurtje

Tags: DJ-Set Musik