4uurtje originally was a monthly get-together hosted in my living room in Rotterdam, thought as a four-hour long listening session with shared silence and snacks. Since social measures don’t allow us to get together again, 4uurtje goes online. The idea stays the same: we huddle together around the latest musical epiphanies, spanning from folk to post-punk and jazz, from ambient to electro and bass. Each time 4uurtje invites guests to share their delicious selection, bless us with a concert or catapult their visuals on the stream. All in all it is still an informal way to shape a cozy setting, offering Sunday treats to a growing network of friends.

Linus B combines objects, images, sounds and words to get closer to the unreachable bottom of things, where meaning so little means so much. Led by whim and determination, he looks for continuity in contingencies, embracing undecidedness as a method of playing. He currently lives and studies in Rotterdam


Ort: Rotterdam

Sprache: Deutsch Englisch

Tags: Musik Konzert