Island Time #29 with Analog Dakar Club

Today on Island Time, introducing a mix from Senegalese collective Analog Dakar Club. I’m really excited to share this one today because I’ve been listening to their output and drawing a lot of inspiration from them for a while now.

Analog Dakar Club is a collective of dj’s passionate about analogue African popular music – vinyl records and tapes – which has been organizing parties in the Senegalese capital for two years. These evenings always take place in mythical and historical places dating from the same period as the music played on our mk2. At the same time, we run two pages on Facebook and Instagram where we share essential albums and contextualize them. There is always the digital version attached to our posts, to be able to fully appreciate the scope of the music, but also information allowing to grasp the social, cultural and sometimes revolutionary importance of this music.

This mix from comes from recent digs in Abidjan. You will find songs from Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Benin, Congo, Ghana… A little bit of what we love, from the late 60’s to early 80’s.

Sendedatum: 22/04/2021 17:30 - 22/04/2021 18:30

Sprache: Englisch Französisch

Sendung: Island Time Radio

Tags: DJ-Set Musik hell sonne glücklich Gelb Orange schwitzen arbeiten

Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestros : Joromi
Etoile Internationale de Dakar : Mane Kouma Khom Thi Yao
Orchestre Sinza : Louisa
Humbertona i Punia : Bailoge
Corveta : Corveta
Jose Carlos : I Som Sodade
Kyeremateng Atwede : Su Su Ka
Singer Nahounou et le T.P Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou Bénin : Gbabouo
José Casimiro : Djonzinho Cabral
Ekambi Brillant : Aye N'Dolam
Armindo Pires : Amor Loyco