Matteo Bertini Guest Mix

Matteo Bertini is an artist and sound explorer, whose practice focuses on the continuous experimentation and production of sound collages and musical self-productions.
His ongoing sound research is based on combining sounds, noises, glitches, samples, eclectic music, improvisations and collective memory suggestions.

This sound collage, conceived for Sphere Radio, is a miscellaneous of music genres and sounds, that gives a feeling of new harmony during its immersive listening.


Sendedatum: 17/01/2022 18:00 - 17/01/2022 19:00

Sendung: Specials

Tags: DJ-Set Musik Sound Kollage nachmittags heiter Energetisch Violett Orange liegend gehend duschen putzend

Tracklist: Ben Bondy - 2404 (with Stella)
Cosmo Vitelli (Ft. Izzy Lindqwister) - As She Rolled Another
Gerd Gerdes - Das Meer Ist Blau
Alexander Melzak - Perfection Of The Human Form
J A Caesar - Shin Toku Maru
Lovro - Huri
Maxwell Sterling - SumUp
Judie Tzuke - Late Again
Zeng - Close The Door
Sun Araw - Horse Steppin
Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt - Welcome Zum Paradies
Cécilia - Chocolat
Tasos Stamou - Pirates
Hoodoo Fushimi - Furarete Nambo
Tonarunur - Paris From Above (Coyote remix)
I.A.O. - All Is Bliss