Neue Reize / Transmission 9

A dialogue between human-made objects in outer space (after humanity’s extinction).

Sendedatum: 21/02/2021 21:00 - 21/02/2021 22:00

Sprache: ohne Sprache

Sendung: Neue Reize

Tags: Sound Kollage Soundscape Sound Art Musik Ambient / New Age Ambient Electronica Ambient Avant Garde Drone experimental Field Recordings Soundtrack dunkel abendlicht bewölkt nachts desillusioniert erstaunt hingezogen sprachlos überrascht verbunden verwundert Schwarz Weiß fliegend schwimmend tauchend


Take A Ride On Elon Musk's Hyperloop
Ocean Youth Club - Side A
Rashida Prime - Diverted
Francois K. - Looking At The Stars
The Fock - Shat Pop (Ambient Mix)
Iro Aka - Close Encounters
Iro Aka - Temple
Wladimir M. - Planet E
Pariah - Among Those Metal Trees
Burial - Endorphin
Marsmobil - Under The Tree
Man Of The Singing Bowl - Stream In The Woods - Sound In The Middle
Wendelstein 7-X - From Concept To Reality
Jampal - Spheres And Middle Singing Bowls
OCA - I Am Strong, I Am At Peace
Ben Buitendijk - Head In The Clouds
Iury Lech - Cuando Rocío Dispara Sus Flechas (Suzanna Kraft Remix)