Notiz für die Welt danach #116

Bericht von der Demo united action (UA) German branch am 24.3.24
Zusammen mit UA German branch
Live aus Vierte Welt, Berlin

Two years on since the day that russia has further invaded Ukraine, going beyond the land it illegally occupied in 2014, we aim to remind the German commons of the urgent need to stand with us hand in hand in our fight against the russian fascist imperial war machine.

As a collective which at its very core is queer, migrant led and intersectional, we wish to hold this space for all victims of fascism, imperialism and settler colonialism, so do reach out to us in advance if you would like to say a few words on the day. We assert the urgent need for transnational solidarity and our commitment to work towards it!

As even though the date on which we gather signals the two years on from the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine, we choose not to stay silent about the ongoing genocide of Palestinians, the continuous state violence against the Kurds, executions and disappearances of activists and revolutionaries in Iran and Syria. From Armenia to Congo, Syria to Sudan, Ukraine to Palestine, imperialisms are multiple, so should be our solidarities.

While the war does not make the headlines anymore, and the people have seemingly gotten desensitised to the images of violence coming from Ukraine, the russian war machine continues to slaughter civilians and soldiers alike on the daily basis. We cannot be silent and passive while this carnage continues, as all it does is further emboldens the russian government in its attempt at land grabbing and erasure of all Ukrainian life. We cannot ignore the reports which point to the fact that russia has been militarising on a scale unseen before, having increased its military spending from 2.7pc of GDP in 2022 to 6pc in 2024. Documentation of youth armies in russia which are getting prepared for future conflicts with the ‘West’, the continuous mobilisation of indigenous men and the violent suppression of any dissent from their communities are further causes for alarm and action.

pic: UA German branch

Sendedatum: 06/03/2024 21:00 - 06/03/2024 22:00

Sprache: Deutsch Englisch Ukrainisch

Sendung: Notiz für die Welt danach

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