Radio Tortellini #11 Ambient w/ Micha Dautzenberg

‚I find that music makes people just sit and listen, firstly. Then, they seem to interpret their own emotions with the music and it makes them ponder their own life a lot. And then they start to question: Am I happy in my work? Am I happy in my relationships? What am I striving for?‘    -Enya


Sendedatum: 29/07/2021 20:30 - 29/07/2021 21:30

Sprache: Deutsch

Sendung: Radio Tortellini

Tags: Musik Ambient Dream Pop Electronica RNB experimental morgenlicht herzenswarm Blau tauchend

Tracklist: 1. Chikiss - Тема дома (Chrash Symbols)
2. Ydegirl - Lovely Snipe feat. CTM (self-released)
3. Lucky Dragons - Existers (Swill Children)
4. HAJJ - Don't follow me I’m falling (Abîme)
5. Mercedes Camridge - Woman (Opal Tapes)
6. Oxhy- Rafiq (-)
7. Draag - Trauma Kit (self-released)
8. Oklou - Galore (A.G. Cook Remix) (self-released)
9. Meredith Monk -Ellis Island (ECM Records)
10. Ssaliva - 4s4 (Editions Société)
11. Drone Operatør - Milliers D'Années (Kontrapunkt)
12. Domenique Dumont - +371 (Antinote Recordings)
13. Goldie - Inner City Life (Rizzla's Pic Bootleg) (London Records)
14. Gentleforce - Sleep Procession (Oxtail Recordings)
15. Oklou & Casey MQ - Lurk (PermaInk)