#30 “Being Prepared” w/Neasa Ní Bhriain

This episode features violist Neasa Ní Bhriain. Neasa studied violin at the HMT Rostock and switched to the viola there. She later continued her studies at HMT Leipzig. Neasa Ní Bhriain has performed as a soloist and chamber musician at the MV Festival, the Bridge Festival and the Hohenlohe Cultural Summer and has performed as a soloist with the Sopot Chamber Philharmonic, MuKo Leipzig, the Leipzig Symphony Orchestra and the Concertino Ensemble. She has played in numerous European cities and is a passionate interpreter of new music and a member of the German Neophon Ensemble. She is also a member of Ensemble Reflector, Orchester im Treppenhaus and Beyond w/Bernhardt. In addition, she plays solo viola in the Staatskapelle Weimar.

Based on our instruments – viola and electric guitar – we prepared extended playing techniques and preparations for the music in this episode, using different methods.


Sendedatum: 29/03/2023 18:00 - 29/03/2023 18:30

Sprache: German

Sendung: Oh No Noh Radioh

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