Bon Appétit #23

A show recorded in bright sunshine and deep snow – winter onset February 2021. Nicole and Freia discover winter barbecue and cook over fire. There are fagioli al fiasco, beans soaked in red wine overnight, and several video failures (please forgive). The bean feeds the world, it is full of protein and keeps the soil healthy. The roots of Leguminosae form a symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria and so become nitrogen stores, fertilizers for other plants. They bloom bright.

In our wintery show, we cook borlotti and cannellini beans in a pan with potatoes, fresh garlic and sage. Accompanied by Aperol Spritz. Guest starring Julia Child (and Francoise Cactus).

Sendedatum: 04/03/2021 19:00 - 04/03/2021 20:30

Sprache: German

Sendung: Bon Appétit

Tags: Cooking show snow Energetic no colour cooking sitting