Bon Appétit #24

Emotional Quick Fix Food

What do you, when you are ________ at home still and again and you’re maybe not feeling it today … What food will make you move from your bed to the kitchen? What foodfantasy keeps you going, one quick fix at a time? Surely it’s no cure, just a quick fix to spark up your energies, give you a little emotional booster or make you actually leave the house? If you are in need of a little inspiration because you might be screaming silently into the void where your brain used to be: WHAT AM I GONNA EAT? Bon Appétit might be able to help you out with some fresh ideas on food related quick fixes. Can be healthy, can be trashy, we’ve asked around.

Air date: 18/03/2021 19:00 - 18/03/2021 20:30

Language: English German

Show: Bon Appétit

Tags: Cooking show violet cooking laying