Notiz für die Welt danach #41

!!!! POSTPONED !!!!
Rosa Luxemburg in Berlin. Ein biografischer Stadtführer by Claudia von Gélieu
Thank you so much, Karl Dietz Verlag Berlin!

I want to invite you, my dear listeners, to walk together with the book “Rosa Lusemburg in Berlin”. I will read some pages from the book while we are walking and record our walk as it is, environment, our steps. I´m looking forward to seeing you in real and think of Rosa Luxemburg together!

!!!! NEW DATE !!!! Sunday, 4.4. 11.45 Uhr Sunday, 28.3. 2 pm NEW TIME 11:45 AM (caution, summer time!), meeting point U-Bahn Turmstraße exit A (Turmstraße north)
If you also want to buy this book, please tell me in the mail. I´ll order all together.
Please send a mail to book (at) kohlrabitour (dot) net

P.S. There will be a rally at the US Embassy for anti-asian racism on 28.3. on 2 pm. I will go there after the walk, please come along!

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