Carte Branche #10 mit Marietheres Schneider

In December 2022, I was in the studio with the musician Marietheres Schneider. We talked a lot and improvised together, with a strong focus on small details of sound, morphing, and overtones. Can you hear that?

Marietheres is a very interesting and active musician in the Leipzig scene. Since her childhood, she has been interested in sounds and tones. She tried out various instruments, searched for interesting noises in nature, and discovered more and more possibilities to use her voice. The voice fascinated her from the beginning. No matter how it is used, it always possesses the unmistakable timbre of the person and grows with them. Physical and emotional work is at the forefront for her. She is a human, a woman, and an artist, and all of this moves her music and shapes it. Her body is her instrument. She has always found this image very comforting, and it helps her understand herself and her voice better. As she grew older, her interest in electronic also grew. She finds it fascinating how it can alter her voice and how she can increasingly slip into different roles, away from the sound of her “actual” voice. Compositional influences from jazz, contemporary music, and, above all, improvised music & poetry have also shaped her artistic mindset. She particularly enjoys collaborating with performing arts, which enhances and inspires her art significantly.

Sendedatum: 13/11/2023 17:40 - 13/11/2023 19:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Carte Branche

Tags: Talk Improvisation music in the evening curious blue sitting