Cura Han Hati zu Gast bei Notiz für die Welt danach

“cura” is to be read in Spanish, as in ‘cure’, ‘healing’, and “hati” in Bahasa Indonesia, as in ‘heart’, the emotional organ. In Bahasa Indonesia, “curahan hati” translates to ‘the spill’ or ‘the flow of the heart’ and refers to a consensual interpersonal activity where one person or everyone involved is given the space to talk about their problems straight from their heart, unfiltered, dramatic…; knowing fully they will be listened to with empathy, sometimes in order to find solutions together as well.

Based on this strategy, Paula Godínez and Andara Shastika created the session cura han hati and invited BPoC artists in the Kunsthochschule Kassel to address together what and how structural disadvantages affect them and their survival as artists.

Cura Han Hati
Paula Godínez
Andara Shastika

İpek Burçak
Yuyen Lin-Woywood
Alejandra Montoya
Aiko Okamoto
Yiğitcan Yılmaz

Sendedatum: 22/07/2020 21:00 - 22/07/2020 22:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: Notiz für die Welt danach

Tags: Talk sun attentive orange crawling