elysium solidity ep4 ~ fehlfunktionen

sensi.ble and lycopsid_ explore the curiosity and playfulness behind ‘malfunction’ & glitchyness in the music production process and dive through their favorite records that embrace imperfection.

Sendedatum: 20/09/2023 19:30 - 20/09/2023 21:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: elysium solidity

Tags: DJ-Set Interview Music Bass Drum & Bass Ambient experimental cloudy affected green floating

Atte Elias Kantonen - mire (Soda Gong)
gab_i - things + vibrations (self-released)
Secular Musics Of South Yorkshire - Zero As A Limit (Bottrop-Boy)
Heinrich Schwarzer - Figur0_3-39 (Conditional)
genus aix - as one so torn [index]
kareem lofty - GTO [quiet time]
lycopsid_ - unreleased
nightwaif - xmas bonus (photic zone)
Eric Lanham - Rasp (Soda Gong)
caveman LSD - lost hours [isla]
purelink - head on a swivel [naff]
opheliaxz - kookaburra
buttechno & tris - silence 2 [psy x]
serwed - technics [west mineral]
Corell - Melts Into Air (Appendix:Files)
pontiac streator - red kings [west mineral]
sentinel - guardian (Quantum Natives)
Artur M Puga - _nwmdt (Eternal Recordings)
stone - blurry apple [3XL]