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Sendedatum: 20/09/2023 18:00 - 21/09/2023 19:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: TREMMO.FM

Tags: Music music cloudy attentive no colour diving

MIDDEX - Worked Up Grudge
Yate Surge - Dreaming Yourself
Carlos Perón - Her Heäd Is Bräkin Intu Foör
AN-i - Chapel Perilous
Roter Stern Belgrad - Ta Ku Sey
Endless Illusion - Hotel Le Belvedere
Artificial Control - Silent Face
Yokel - Born Sloppy
Blanche Blanche Blanche - Talk Out Loud
Tones On Tail - A Bigger Splash
Blindgänger - Njet Njet Njet
TOTAL LEATHERETTE - High in the Valley of a Screaming Rainbow
Ostseetraum - Wie ein übersäuerter See
Tropenkoller - Lied der Liebe