Welcome to ATOLLS – I’m Malo Moray and in this show I’ll be introducing you to my new album ATOLLS and more music from my ambient herb jazz collective Malo Moray + His Inflatable Knee over the next four weeks. You can listen to the album ATOLLS in its entirety on all streaming platforms and order the double LP with tape and 5 art prints at Bandcamp. On September 30th at Horns Erben I’ll be playing the release concert for the record with My Inflatable Knee. Come by!

Atolls are large rings of islands connected underwater, enclosing a fertile, thriving lagoon. For three years, the Inflatable Knee and I improvised across space and time, invisibly connected by music, capturing an amazing state of flow and connection – atolls in music. ATOLLS beautifully proves to me that connection and flow are not physical states, but hidden energetic processes that take place whenever people open their hearts and minds to resonate with each other.

In this broadcast, with the support of the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig, you will hear the premiere broadcast of the piece THE TREES, THEY GROW SO SLOW (Part 2).

Sendedatum: 19/09/2023 22:00 - 19/09/2023 22:25

Sprache: English German

Sendung: Malo Moray’s ATOLLS

Tags: Music music in the evening astonished green floating