European Lab x Sphera Budapest

European Lab x Sphera Budapest

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As we reach the end of a year of cooperation marked by the participation of ten independent media and cultural structures within the framework of the Sphera platform, Arty Farty is hosting one last Sphera Day in the Hungarian capital: European Lab Budapest.

Dedicated to Generation Z, a group who are so often spoken about yet rarely listened to, this discussion forum will give committed young citizens centre stage and bring them back to the forefront of the struggles taking place both in Hungary and throughout Europe, particularly to the East. In other words, it will the floor to that section of the new generations who – contrary to clichés that give the impression of a depoliticised, individualistic and narcissistic youth – are actively building alternatives to tired outdated models and taking up the challenges of today and of the future.

All over the continent, young climate collectives are being set up and new forms of activism are emerging to take up the fight for women’s rights, as well as for other freedoms and social struggles. And at the same time, the content created by an increasing number of emerging media, webzines, podcasts and social networks is reflecting these causes in a more first-hand, subjective and immediate way than the traditional media.

We are inviting the people behind these initiatives to join us on 5 February at the Hungarian cultural venue Auróra. Climate activists, journalists, and the movers and shakers of today’s independent cultural sector: a new generation will take part in the debate, share its vision and sketch out desirable collective horizons at the dawn of 2022, designated the “European Year of Youth” by the European Commission.

Although they will be central to these future transformations, precious few spaces for dialogue have been created for these socially engaged young people. Sphera and European Lab, a multimedia platform and a forum specifically aimed at these new generations, have joined forces to put on a one-day forum for the changemakers of tomorrow. To give a voice to all those people across Europe – from Belgrade to Paris, Bucharest to Budapest – who are pushing back boundaries and opening up new perspectives through the strength of their ideas and the power of their activism.

Day Programm (for more infos on the panels and Video Stream check this link)
14h00—15h15   The shape of the media for future generations
15h30—16h45    Independent cultural structures: in the service of young people
17h00—18h15    New waves of activism
18h30—20h00    Public policies for the citizens of tomorrow

The stream is provided by Lahmacun Radio Budapest. Thank you alot for making it possible

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