Haymat Ost – Konferenz für Migration und migrantische Kämpfe des Ostens

Content Warning: racist violence

Haymat Ost was the name of a conference that took place in October 2022 at the Theater der Jungen Welt in Leipzig. Therefore, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, together with cooperation partners, invited different voices and projects. East German migration stories and their struggles were at the center of the conference.

In a compilation of interviews and other recordings you can get an impression of the diversity of the event.


  • Lydia Lierke
  • Yasemin Said
  • Landouma
  • Francisca Raposo
  • Christian Hernan Garaté Garay
  • Vu Thi Voang Ha
  • Trong Do Duc (Text von Massimo Perinelli und Aurora Rodonò)
Thabo Thindi
  • Özcan Karadeniz
  • Mohamed Okasha


Ali Khairat (Guembri)
  • Microphone Mafia – Denkmal

Editing & Sound Design:

  • Amir Shokati

The work was commissioned and funded by:
Verband binationaler Familien und Partnerschaften e.V.

Sendedatum: 29/12/2022 15:00 - 29/12/2022 15:30

Sprache: English German

Sendung: Specials

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