I like the Freedom but(t)…

Release-Party of the book: “I like the freedom, but(t)”

It is not a secret that people are being discriminated against in the workplace because of their gender. But what happens when the “workplace” is the street? There’s a world of other harassment and discrimination that takes place there, starting with catcalling and ending with serious sexual harassment.

As a bike messenger, you are right in the midst of it; constantly surrounded by and coming into contact with different people every day. It can happen inside your working collective, co- op or company, and on the streets; it can come from the customers or even from the cycling community itself. The bike messenger field itself is dominated by cis-men, and for those who are other genders it can be hard getting started and once you’re out on the streets, you can find yourself facing a constant need to prove yourself as reliable, fast, strong – and simply adequate enough.

“I like the freedom, but(t)” is created by Liisbeth and Giulia, Leipzig-based bike messenger and illustrator respectively, to give a voice to these experiences in the form of a book.

The book raises awareness around gender minority experiences among bike messengers, and the way they are treated both in and outside of the community. It will represent the feelings of people who are under-represented in a cis-male-dominated field. The book contains stories from 13 bike messengers all around the world, talking about their experiences in the form of interviews.

It is a social book-project, where any profits made from this book will be donated to organizations who help people with similar issues.

Program: Reading + Panel discussion

Initiator: Liisbeth Veli
Illustrator: Giulia Cabassi


Sendedatum: 10/09/2022 17:00 - 10/09/2022 19:00

Sendung: Specials

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