Lile: Lucio Capece / Karoline Schulz & Martin Schulze – Online-Event

We present the Sphere radio show: with an improvisation by Karoline Schulz and Martin Schulze, followed by
Lucio Capece: Radio piece. A Poplar Story

Karoline Schulz and Martin Schulze have been playing improvised music together for many years in the Ensemble Neue Dresdner Kammermusik. For this concert they wanted to improvise together as a duo for the first time. Corona changed everything; instead of a concert with an audience, they are recording in an empty studio of Hanse 3, an alternative ART PLACE on the grounds of the Old Leipzig Station in Dresden (very appropriate) with passing trains and autumn sun in the window: pure improvisation – nothing was planned, simply played with the desire to make music and trusting each other’s ears and what will be created together in the moment


Text by Lucio Capece:

A Poplar Story.


In 2019 I was invited to do a sound intervention at an Art show based in works by Christina Ertl-Shirley and Paul Lubitz  made with Poplar wood.

I remembered that in my parents house in Argentina one Poplar tree was taken down by a Tornado while I was there visiting my family.

My father had placed several Poplar trees as a wall in front of the main window of the living room where him and my mother spend the greatest part of their time, as a way to cool down the temperature of the room. They had to do it as an answer to the growing temperature due to global warming. To place Poplar trees doing this, is a usual practise in Patagonia, where they protect country houses from the wind.

The fall of the tree was kind, barely touching the wall of the house, but expressed a new development of the warmth growing that affects our planet, The zone where my parents live had never been a Tornado zone till then, and these storms, that now happen over there usually at a same period of the year, show one more aspect of the growing danger in which nature has been placed for it´s own life, including the humans one.

The piece i made, based in my own photos, field recordings by Christina Ertl Shirley, an interview to my father, sine tones and 4 melodies  played with Bass clarinet, and mini speakers in feedback,  became a humble documentation on how global warming and lack of care on nature affects our lives not only as an hypothetical threat in the future. But also, and mainly, of the pass of a tree, a single living creature, through our lives.


Due to the current situation the concerts will not take place in November. But we will bring you our “concerts to go”: a radio show (here at Sphere) and cassettes available for a limited time only (one week) with recordings of our planned artists*.

The cassettes can be ordered in advance from this date and only for one week. At the end of the week we will produce the number of cassettes ordered and send your “concert to go” home. Additionally you will receive a download code so that you can enjoy the music immediately or without a cassette player.

The cassettes will be available from the start of the show at:

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