Neue Reize / Transmission 5

„In one famous thought experiment, Bostrom imagined a superintelligent AI being tasked with making as many paper clips as possible. It might decide the best way to do this would be to disassemble all matter on earth – including humans – to convert it into the raw material for making infinite paper clips, and then barrel onward and outward, converting increasingly large chunks of the observable universe into paper clips.“

We lost control and now it’s too late.

Sendedatum: 25/10/2020 22:15 - 25/10/2020 23:15

Sprache: without Speech

Sendung: Neue Reize

Tags: Sound Collage Soundscape Sound Art Music Ambient / New Age Electronica Ambient Psychedelic Folk Avant Garde Drone Field Recordings Soundtrack dark morning light in the morning at night amused attentive disillusioned frightened astonished expectant glad happy curious excited content amazed resigned white have a shower flying going crawling floating laughing laying sitting


Jonas Kopp - 55 Dias
Skeemask - Cerroverb
Andrea - Floating
Walton - Before The Storm
Hotspring - Nighttime
Roger 23 - Day 1
Sofie Birch - Time Swim
Matthew David's Mindflight - Tract Of Hidden Animalia
Otik - Neuron Blossom
Agnes Obel - Stretch Your Eyes (Ambient Acapella)
Roger 23 - From Interval To Interval He Does Chance His Position (For Your Digi Pleasure Mix)
Bakground & Sangam - Carousel
Quarion - Turquoise (99 'til Infinity)
Phil Gerus - Sangenjaya