radio.fragment 002 (BEHIND THE MASKS)

radio.fragment 002 (BEHIND THE MASKS)

radio.fragments is the first monthly show of the HGB Leipzig Radio Art Lab. James Ensor’s painting “Jesus Christ’s advent in to Brussels” inspires Leni and Theresa to peek behind the masks which we all hind behind since the start of the pandemic. They talk to the clinical psychologist Barbara Voigt from the Charité Berlin and with Stephen Stahn, the student body representative on the crisis team of the HGB. Alongside we present artistic contributions by Elisabeth Rändel and Inka Hilsenbeck.

Alongside the show and with a closer look at the painting we generated a spotty playlist that you can listen to here:

Sendedatum: 23/02/2021 19:00 - 23/03/2021 20:00

Sprache: German

Tags: Talk Interview Commentary Sound Collage Sound Art cloudy in the afternoon rainy storm repulsive attentive Interested desperate yellow red orange cleaning laying standing sitting