Sorradio 81 feat. karete bu

Hosts first hour: @mizz_take and @ditschaymaik

In advance, we always ask what secrets and special stories there are to tell from our guests. By far, karete bu served up the best thigh-slapper. But first to the hard facts. She started off with the Electronic Resistance Crew, with whom among other things the legendary raves in Claudio’s garden were organized. Today she is active with the DRIVE Clique and throws parties at IFZ. She is also a member of the important G-Edit Crew. Musically she moves between powerhouse, breakbeats and jungle. Massive grooves for the dance floor. Whoever has seen her playing live, knows that it is really hard not to dance to her music. What about the exciting background info. Well, most people start playing records when they bought their first records or were introduced to them by friends. Not so with Sarah. In her own words: “And then there’s the story about the record box from a friend’s basement. From a DJ guy who faked theft to his insurance company but never picked up the records from her again. When she had to move out of the apartment, she asked me if I wanted to have the records. I was 21 and then it started. And the most amazing thing is – I still play some of the records today because they’re unbelievably cool.”

Time to press play friends.


Artwork by phibstuff

Sendedatum: 14/05/2021 22:00 - 14/05/2021 00:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Solid Rotation

Tags: DJ-Set cloudy Energetic red running