Vomens Bar digitale: Hack Sexism – Im Gespräch mit MyBodyIsNotYourPorn

“I won’t get recorded in the shower while I’m on my communist holiday break!”

The group mbinyp formed out of the FLINTA support structure in the wake of the sexist incidents at the Monis Rache festival.

A reminder for those who don’t remember: https://jungle.world/artikel/2020/08/voll-nicht-porno

“Monis Rache even had an awareness team but that clearly wasn’t good enough. It’s a structural problem and in order to solve it, we will need structural, multi-layered and complicated solutions.”

Mybodyisnotyourporn – a stand-alone statement in itself. After having initiated several protests the group is currently organising a social hackathon where a digital think tank will take place. The event creates a space where festival goers, festival organisers, artists, security staff and anyone else who is interested can participate in conversations such as: What should future festivals look like? What needs to change so that not only white, middle class cis-gender men can indulge in a utopia-like festival mode? What is needed for a safer and more aware festival culture? 

The sexualisation of FLINTA and sexism, cultural appropiation, white supremacy, homophobia and racism … – are all structurally anchored problems. Monis Rache is not an isolated case. Turning a blind eye to these structurally inherent problems excludes many from enjoying festivals.

“The Hackathon is what you make of it” – Register now until 4.4.2021!


Sendedatum: 02/04/2021 20:00 - 02/04/2021 21:00

Ort: Leipzig Ost

Sprache: German

Sendung: Vomens Bar digitale

Tags: Talk in the evening upset angry violet sprinting