Vomens Bar digitale: Tattoo, Szene, Safer Spaces?

„Why should it suddenly be cool to get tattoos that are totally problematic?“

In the episode of VomensBar digital about the feminist strike on 8 March, Yasemin and Kira talk to us about left-wing subcultures, tattoos and safer spaces.

As the former manager of the tattoo studio Studio394 in East Leipzig, Yasemin is still trying to develop an awareness program concept when working with other tattoo artists. Kira, aka alwaysnein, is a tattoo artist herself at Flux Tattoo Atelier, a FLINTA studio.

All four of us are tattooed. We have experienced the empowering bad-ass character. The norm of the soft, flawless female body still exists and massively interferes with the self-perception of many –- if not all –- FLINTA people. Tattoos can be provocative and also an emancipating,  provocative moment to perform and to receive.

But That being said – we have also all also witnessed transgressive behavior, discrimination(s), mackerness and cis-male authority. All within  of a supposedly so alternative scene that could not be less aware, even if it tried to be. Racism, sexism, antis-Semitism, heteronormative body ideals and ideological symbolism – – tattoos are often as problematic as they are unthematised not made a subject of discussion. In a toxic relationship between body cult, trend and traditionality, the scene bobs along about in its own coolness.

With In this episode, we want to deconstruct the hip trend status, open a space for long-needed debates and address both people with the desire to get tattoos desires and tattoo artists. Alwaysnein and Yasemin show us that awareness is not a state but an ongoing reflection. Safe spaces can’t just not be. They need, but only become. And that is a choice.


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