Wohnfrequenz #6

In this episode we talk about color concepts while leafing through the current Ikea catalog and (historical) Schöner Wohnen issues and browsing through the Internet. We discuss the white painted wall as a background for colorful furniture that can be exchanged seasonally and question it in terms of the white cube and the connection between dwelling and exhibiting. If, on the other hand, color concepts work not only on walls, but as an all-over furnishing concept, there are always new enticements to buy suitable things to furnish your home in a contemporary, modern and trendy way. It’s all about taste (education) and the use and combination of colors guided by media ensembles with their do’s and dont‘s. Discursively, aesthetic concepts interlink with the idea of a ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ lifestyle, which is communicated (visually) in current media.

Sendedatum: 28/02/2021 15:30 - 28/02/2021 16:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Wohnfrequenz – Zuhörgespräche über Wohnbilder

Tags: Talk Entertainment in the afternoon curious no colour sitting