Wellness:Invites #1 Chocolate Grinder

Episode #1 of Wellness:Invites is constructed by Chocolate Grinder, an avid record collector, Music Producer & DJ.

He has been working the wheels of vinyl mixing for about 10 years and has always listened to a diverse mix of sounds and styles. From a younger age, jammin’ to trippy, stoner psychedelic bands before moving onto more electronic artists like Matpri, Brawther, Traumer, Locklead, Kez YM and Calibre. This change in music style inspired him to move to Leipzig to follow the scene and indulge himself in Minimal and House. It has opened up many doors…


Sendedatum: 04/12/2020 21:00 - 04/12/2020 22:30

Sprache: English

Sendung: Wellness:Invites

Tags: DJ-Set Music Sound Art in the evening satisfied Energetic yellow laughing

Lay Far - All Massive
Unknown - Malodym
Code Deploy - Codeina
Bodeler & Saenz - All the Hats
Tato - Backpacking
Wiliam Caycedo - Cut II
Only Slave Nation - Douce Folie
Santierri - Accident
Lopaski - Q Division
Sota - Say No More
Diego Krause - Greed
Modebakú - Lizard
Cape - Who Has
BeeleeJean - Booty Fights
Matpri - Vantuz
O Rem - Teaching More
DiSKOP - Worldwide