Wohnfrequenz #2

In this episode we look through Living at Home + Holly, the “first influencer magazine” discussing interior and living. Blogger Holly Becker guides the readers through the magazine, that focuses on topics such as Interior, Fashion and Food. In this issues layout, strategies of (re-)presentation and aesthetic structures of both print and social media are interlinked. We will unravel the role of discipline within narratives of happiness and dwelling, how Hollys personality is shaped throughout the magazine and the demand of relaxation while being asked to always work on something to make it cozier.

Sendedatum: 27/09/2020 18:29 - 27/09/2020 19:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Wohnfrequenz – Zuhörgespräche über Wohnbilder

Tags: Talk Education in the afternoon curious no colour sitting