State, Structure & Future of Streaming #4 – Technical Dimension

Day 4 – Technical dimension and conceptual designs

We assign possible practical solutions to the needs documented on the previous days. To this end, technology experts present their own projects.

You can actively take part in the conference through our chat.

Working questions:

  • How can we technically improve access to culture for recipients? What technical prerequisites are necessary for recipients of digital cultural transmissions? Who could be discriminated against by these requirements?
  • What technical prerequisites are necessary to create new works that are (also) designed for digital transmission? How can we create access to technology for artists and musicians?
  • What technical possibilities exist for the remuneration of digital cultural contents?
  • How can  we facilitate access to technology for artists and musicians in order to create digital works or works that are digitally transmitted?
  • How can we develop hybrid concepts of digital cultural exchange on the basis of new technologies?
  • What possibilities exist for digital cultural exchange that are technically independent of major international corporations?


Franz Heinzmann – Wie kann eine dezentrale Medienplattform funktionieren und warum gibt’s das noch nicht? Technische und organisatorische Aspekte von Peer-to-Peer-Architekturen und community owned technology

Alexa Steinbrück – Demokratisierung von KI/ML mit einem Fokus auf Film und Video

Sebastian Stickert: Music in Extended Realities – Technologische Herausforderungen & Potentiale

Jakob Gruhl (ZiMMT) – Einführung in 3D-Audio und immersive Streaming-Lösungen