Radiolab – Day 3

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Radiolab – Day 2

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Impressions of our First Day in the Studio

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Radiolab at Seanaps Festival

For our first transmission into the aether, we will cooperate with Cashmere Radio, Radio Corax and Radio Blau to host an open Radio Lab at this year’s Seanaps Festival. 

From 7-10 November, we will open the doors of Villa Plagwitz to create a temporary playground for radio enthusiasts with an experimental approach to radio (FM & online) and a platform for exchange and debates. 

We want to find new ways of working with and thinking about radio in parallel to the main programming of the Seanaps Festival using concerts, workshops, and panels to learn from each other across mediums, disciplines, and experiences.

We will broadcast live from 11-18 h on each day of the festival via our website, short-range FM, Radio Corax and Cashmere Radio. We will publish the program of the lab through the Seanaps and Sphere Radio homepages. 

The Radiolab is conceived of as a public space that is accessible for everyone interested in the medium. We want to encourage each participant to contribute, discuss and use the radio as an instrument-like tool. 

Come join us live in the studio at Villa Plagwitz at Karl-Heine-Straße 108, via our chatroom or E-Mail radiolab(at)

Seanaps Festival 2019

Radiolab Program Table

Thu, November 7
11 am
Coffee, tea & talk
12 amRadiotarot
A radio play by Burgund T Brandt
12.30 pmSèbastien Branche (Concert)
1.15 pm Writers Corner (Live Reading)
1.40 pmTramway Sounds (Field Recording)
2 pmHow do others? (Panel)
Panel and Project Presentation on DIY organization structures, financing, networking and sustainability
4 pmIOI
A performance by Olivier Gobelet and Jonas Wiese
5 pmLa calzamaglia und das Nähzwerg  (Performance)
with Sofie Heinz (Stadtteil von Weimar), DJ Shlucht (Kotti) & jayrope (Wedding)
Fr, November 8
11 am
Coffee, tee & talk
1 pmThe Compression Chamber (Performance)
Knut Aufermann
2.15 pm Points East und der subkulturelle Austausch zwischen Ost und West  (Talk)
with Alexander Pehlemann & Chris Cutler
3.15 pm Subkultur um den Mauerfall (Talk)
with Alexender Pehlemann & Sakrowski
4.15 pmAbout the radio instrument / Über das Instrument Radio (Talk)
with among others/mit u.a.: Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington, Marc Matter, Lena Löhr
5 pmLaura Not (DJ-Set)
Sa, November 9
11 am
Coffee, tee & talk
12 amBest Wurst (Performance)
Radiosendung von und mit Jan Langhammer, Elisabeth Rändel und Ralf Wendt
1 pmMusik und Text aus dem Institut für Musik und Medien, Düsseldorf (Presentation)
2 pmIn Dialogue with Limpe Fuchs
+ exclusive tube radio performance
3 pmThe Complex Songs, Sara Hamdy & Chor (Performance)
4 pmLive radio play by Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite
4.30 pmRaspelsprech’ und Stimmgewunder (Spoken Word)
Word compositions by Marc Matter
5:15 pmPiece of conducted improvisation (Performance)
Workshop performance with Kamil Korolczuk & Emilio Gordoa
Sun, November 10
11 am
Datscha Radio Taiwan (Radio Play)
12 amspace – we – space (Soundwalk)
walking through the city and the aether with Geräuschkulisse & JD Zazie
2 pmHören: Field Recording Listening Session
3 pmWilted Woman Presents: Songs in the Key of Wilted (Radio Show)
3.30 pmDelmore FX live (Concert)
4 pmTransparency & Fairness (Talk)
Talk with representatives from Quartiermeister and Kolle Mate
4.45 pmBlockchain My Art. year 2. (Talk)
Talk with Maxime Faget
5.15 pmGrand Final
Thursday – Sunday
Plunderphonic Pop-ups – Johnny Head In Air mashes your tracks
Tramway Sounds
Writers Corner