#1 Cheers & Ciao

The first episode is mainly in German but there are also short parts in English (in the future we’re also gonna record whole episodes in English).
In “Cheers & Ciao” you can hear many lovely voices sharing experiences and views on their body. Additionally we introduce the bodytalk project and discuss the terms “body positivity” and “self love”. In the end there’s a short meditation / body scan (that you can skip if you want).

We want to point out that the episode contains deep matters.Topics that occur are experiences of discrimination of e.g. trans* persons, racism, sexism and body-shaming.

Sendedatum: 02/04/2021 19:00 - 02/04/2021 20:00

Sprache: English German

Sendung: bodytalk – podcast

Tags: Talk Entertainment Education Sound Collage Podcast in the evening dark at noon bright in the morning sun storm thrilled affected outraged expectant warm-hearted devoted intimate Interested curious facing reluctantly connected yellow white violet flying laughing laying crying sitting

1. Fatima Yamaha - What a Girl to do, 2. Suzanne Kraft - Flatiron, 3. Chromatics - Time Rider, 4. De Maynes - Sehnsucht, 5. Baraka - Menagerie, 6. Thorsten Abrolat - Meeresrauschen, 7. Michael Regner - Opening Title, 8. Danit - Guacamayo, 9. Slow Dancing Society - The Warm Familiar Smell of September, 10. Mona Haydar - Good Body, 11. Beautiful Chorus - Faith's Hymn