Mütter der Moderne – Berlin Biennale

Finally it’s time and we are broadcasting live our 3rd show as part of the release of Das Erotik Magazin No. 3!

We will discuss the past Berlin Biennale and present our auditory impressions and discussions about the exhibition and the individual artworks.
We also interviewed Lisette Lagnado, one of the curators of the Berlin Biennale and as always we provide you with the best music.

Furthermore, we will be talking to various artists, cultural workers and other experts in our show.  To give you an insight into their work and to talk with them about the respective exhibition and their perspective on it and to philosophize a bit.
This time we are very happy to have the wonderful artist Juana Anzellini on the show. Our paths have already crossed through Das Erotik Magazin and we were curious about her art. We talk about her art work and her impressions of the Berlin Biennale.
We are very happy! On our Instagram Account you will find a link to her profile.

You were also at the Berlin Biennale and would like to tell us something?
What did you catch? What impressed, stirred up or bored you? Please send us your voice recordings to muetterdermoderne@gmx.de and let us know if we can play them in the show.

We are looking forward to the third show and are already very excited about the topics that will develop. As always live and with a surprise factor.

The mothers of the modern age

Sendedatum: 05/12/2020 18:00 - 05/12/2020 20:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Mütter der Moderne

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