TEH #95 LIVE ON AIR #6: This is why cultural actors should unite as networks

‘This is Why Cultural Actors Should Unite as Networks’ thinks through the
role of networks as promoters of cultural labour standards, needs and
interests, as well as their function as knowledge generating hubs. Our
speakers will discuss important considerations when unifying initiatives
and showcase best practices and visions from new and existing networks.
We will explore how emerging networks might benefit from the
experience of existing ones, and discuss tools to promote accessible
exchange. Additionally, we will examine how cultural networks can use
their strength to participate in political decisions and expand their reach
to connect with new continents to support initiatives in less developed
cultural landscapes.

Marie Fol
On the Move, Keychange
Laurent Bigarella
Reset Network, Arty Farty
Lena Ingwersen
Music Cities Network
Anika Jankowski
Music S Women
Tiffany Fukuma
Trans Europe Halles

Samantha Lippett 
Simon Clement

Sendedatum: 09/06/2023 14:25 - 09/06/2023 15:20

Sprache: English

Sendung: Trans Europe Halles #95 Live ON AIR: Building bridges through transnational dreams

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