Hello! We’re back from our winter sleep.

pic by Leon Seidel

we’re back from our winter sleep.
Since we haven´t really been sleeping and plenty of things happened, we wanted to give you an update on the current state of Sphere Radio.

First of all, the Sphere e.V. association is almost founded. If you want to become a member, feel free to write us via kontakt@sphere-radio.net. Since Sphere Radio is thought as a community Radio and develop as much freedom as possible, our big goal is to cover all basic costs of the station by memberships at some point, let´s see if we can make that happen.

If you missed some shows of our last collaboration with Seanaps Festival, you can re-listen them finally through the Sphere Radio Mixcloud which is available through http://sphere-radio.net/en/archive

We’re currently working a lot on the program and collect ideas for possible shows.

With some luck, we might have soon our own and first studio in the east of Leipzig. To get the studio equipped we need some help. If you want to support us moneywise or have some spare equipment (properly working turntables, 4ch dj mixer, 8 + ch stage mixer, monitors, compressor) to speed up the development of our project, we´d be very thankful for any donation. For money donations you can use our PayPal: kontakt(at)sphere-radio.net

To go further steps, we are urgently looking for new people to the crew. To be precise we look for the following:

  • Programmers to support our IT department
  • Students, professionals or anyone else interested in the economy who want to help with fundings and financial issues.
  • Music-enthusiasts, music-science students or scientists that do research on specific musical topics and are motivated to co-host or create a show format.
  • Sound and Field recording artists that want to contribute, create or co-host shows.
  • People with all kinds of other interests and professions to create and host shows.
  • People who want to take part in any other way (technicians, writers, moderators, graphic-designers and others) in the project.
  • All initiatives, venues, people and organizations that see radio as a useful tool for their project and want to collaborate.

We´re strongly working on a holistic concept that is as inclusive and accessible as possible. Sphere wants sincerely and explicitly encourage people with disabilities, women, trans inter and non-binary persons of all colors and ages to come forward with their ideas. The Station is meant to be used as a networking and knowledge exchange platform on an interdisciplinary level.
If you have any format-idea in mind that is facing this direction and suitable for the radio, please don’t hesitate to send us your ideas. 

Ok so long from our side, in case you or someone you know, want to support or join us in any of the mentioned ways, please contact us via kontakt(at)sphere-radio.net