#6 Silk Production in Leipzig and the Occupation of Crete – Talk with Deborah Jeromin

In the sixth episode, we talk to artist Deborah Jeromin about silkworm breeding in Leipzig allotment associations, its importance for the arms industry, and the connections to the airborne battle in Crete on May 20, 1941. A review of her book “Parachute Silk / Μετάξι αλεξίπτωτων” is available here: diablog.eu/general/parachute-silk-a-book-of-deborah-jeromin/

Correction: In the allotment garden association “Hoffnung West” “Arbeitsmaiden” were quartered, who had to work for the Erla-Werke (not for the HASAG).

Speaker: Anne Friebel
Interviewer: Deborah Jeromin
Sound & Technology: Mirko Koch, Fania Stehmann and Jonas Nachtigall
Music: Raphael Deindl and Daniel Günther

Sendedatum: 04/10/2022 18:29 - 04/10/2022 19:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Podcast of the Leipzig Nazi Forced Labour Memorial

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