Leipzig Contains…? #3 Ostwache Leipzig e.V. x Sesiones del Sur

“Leipzig Contains…?” – what actually?

In the third part of our summer program, we continue to get closer to this question. This time, the free space in Anger-Crottendorf will be filled with new answers by Ostwache e.V. and the ensemble Sesiones del Sur.

As usual, we will start the evening with a conversation. In a panel talk with activists of the Recht-auf-Stadt movements Leipzig, Dresden, and Chemnitz, we will discuss what we are all interested in: What’s next for rents in Saxony? In an open discussion, we will then focus on the developments in Anger-Crottendorf.

After talking comes listening: Sesiones del Sur, led by multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Vivas, combines afro-peruvian rhythms with Manding-Kora-music for an unpredictable live session. Afterward, the DJ duo “Los Hermanndez”, hailing from Maracaibo, Venezuela, and Leipzig, combines urban with rural, wild sounds.

The events on the forecourt of the neighborhood center Ostwache are part of the long-term project “Leipzig Contains…?”, initiated by Sphere Radio. The entire program of the evening will not only be heard live on-site but also on the station’s channels.

Come by, immerse yourself in the action, and exchange ideas over a refreshing drink at the bar!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Air date: 02/09/2021 18:00 - 02/09/2021 22:00

Location: Gregor-Fuchs-Straße 45-47

Language: German

Show: Leipzig Contains … ?

Tags: Talk Music Entertainment DJ-Set Concert Live-Set Panel Latin / Brazilian